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April 7, 2014

Vivid imagery, thought-provoking wordplay, and magnificently sampled songs of the past, are just some of the staples found within a solid hip-hop recording. Although many of these new artists generate tunes close to that of traditional hip-hop, most have veered in new directions; in short, this is NOT your older brother’s hip-hop. Late 80’s babies and 90’s toddlers are delivering their best renditions of what true, updated, hip-hop is. As this new wave of introspective hip-hop continuously forces its way in, MC’s from across the globe will broadcast their talents and boast their ideals, and of course the bay area wants in. Enter Duckwrth.

By Jarrett Johnson, AFROPUNK Contributor *

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Duckwrth is a rising-and-shining, hip-hop artist hailing from California—more specifically LA’s Bay Area. Not only does he lend his talents to the world of MC’ing, he is also a capable graphic designer. The young Renaissance man, Duckwrth, derives from the contemporary art collective, ThemHellas—an assortment of artists, photographers, filmmakers and musicians who come together to create something both visually stunning and aurally profound. Not to be confused with, the canine caretaker from the cartoon series, Ducktales, Duckwrth is a live action, high energy architect of creativity, here to bring forth his brand of innovatively crafted tunes in the form of an 8-track project entitled TAXFREE. V. 1.

Following the 2012 release of his DUCKTAPE, Duckwrth has reemerged with a continuing effort to rehabilitate hip-hop, ridding it of gimmicks and monotonous patterns. The TAXFREE V.1 project features fellow ThemHellas artist such as; Queen’s D-Light, Dunzo, and fellow vowel conservative RGLND, the latter of the three appears on the track entitled “HADOUKEN”( produced by AmpLive) a nod to childhood gaming sensibilities. Duckwrth tends to combine modern subject matter with the nostalgic objects of affection stripped from his childhood, no track more demonstrative of this than “Travel”. “Travel” is a track (produced by Youthful Kinfolk’s SPENCER STEVENS) that goes in detail about his younger days, including his frequenting of Crenshaw Boulevard. Duckwrth masterfully draws the listener into his funky realm by imposing a west coast vibe that rap enthusiasts have been so very fond of; since Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and D.O.C, all the way to the recent inductees, Kendrick Lamar, and Schoolboy Q.

Prominent levels of a melodic sound connects with a laid back—yet complex rhyme scheme, forming a blend of music that Duckwrth presents as an alternative to the mundane music currently in rotation. We are taken on a journey through a city of warm weather, skate boarders—wearing fat-laced chucks, copious amounts of ganja swirling through the air, and streets marred by a history of violence. Duckwrth’s TAXFREE V. 1 offers a peak in to the multidimensional climate of the seemingly one dimensional nature of hip-hop culture. As a departure from most mainstream artists, Duckwrth’s parents didn’t allow him to listen to hip-hop as child. Fortunately, his parents couldn’t lead him astray from his beloved cartoons, possibly offering him an escape and laying the ground work for his artistic flair—including his cartoon name and his animated sense of style. Hip-Hop devoid early on his development, Duckwrth prevailed, proving that absence does make the heart grow fonder, and variation is the spice of life.

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