feature: seattle’s best: meet raz simone

April 18, 2014

After releasing his highly anticipated album Cognitive Dissonance, and making headlines about his one of a kind partnership with moguls Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles’ label 300, rapper Raz Simone still remains the independent, outspoken and creative artist his fans fell in love with as the head of his own creative collective, Black Umbrella.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

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In records like ‘Don’t Shine’ and ’They’ll Speak’, Raz gives us a glimpse into his world as a youth maturing into adulthood in his hometown of Seattle. His illustrious world play gives listeners a vivid picture of a lifestyle he was once victim to- illustrating his observations of deceit, abuse, greed and jealousy.

Raz proves to us all that he possesses the capability to think on a higher level (not that we doubted in the first place). In a epic song from Cognitive Dissonance called, ‘Natural Resources’, Raz briefly raps about the sick origins and current struggles of the Black community and the stereotypes which have come about. Take time out to carefully analyze his potent lyrics and the whereabouts of a rising start by visiting, where you can download Cognitive Dissonance for free!

Here’s the latest visual from Raz Simone performing ‘Natural Resources’. Enjoy!

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