feature: punk rock cartoon ‘pony’ will rock your socks off!

April 16, 2014

The punk rock reincarnation of ‘Josie and the Pussycats’, ‘pOny’ (people of NY) is a 90s based animation centered around four female bandmates. Odette Cruz (lead vocals), Pauline Tharpe (lead guitarist), Nina Lee (bass), and Yoshiko Yomano (drums) are coming together to steal a spaceship called T.W.A.T (Trans-dimensional, Wormhole, Amplifying, Transport) from their future selves. With their fans, affectionately called the Ponytails, their trusty robot companion K.E.V.I.N and their self-proclaimed pOny protectors (Sticky Mike, Ricardo, and Asa) these “dimension-hopping”, East Village natives are more then ready to wreak havoc in the name of rock and roll.

By Billie Alexander, AFROPUNK Contributor *

‘pOny’, the cartoon, is currently in development. Featuring original music inspired by the 90s rock/grunge scene and colorful characters with the help of their growing fan base hopefully the pOny movement will soon be televised. Electrifying, rebellious girl-power themed lyrics reminded me of badass bands like The Donnas. If you’re into time traveling, genre crossing, anime centered in New York City circa 1989 then ‘pOny’ is for you. Check out their official website

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