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feature: gotham queercore invades berlin

April 8, 2014

Ever wonder why there are no Gay Pop Stars? Does race and sexuality still determine who’s allowed on the Billboard charts? Similar to the exodus of African American artists during the Jazz Era LGBT artist today are forced to find acceptance and fans in Europe, but does it have to be?
For years Harlem based Queercore artist T-Boy stood in the shadows of Manhattan’s limited gay punk culture, until he took matters in his own hands and found his true fan base in Germany.
Black Velvet, my feature length documentary debut explores the life of one African American LGBT artist T-Boy as he struggles to survive in Gotham, his pre “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” past in the Navy, to his niche fan base in Germany. Black Velvet features DP work by my Emmy Winning Camera Operator Greg Harriott. With scenes featuring Sherry Vine and CAZWELL. You can help fund my crew’s journey to Germany to capture the film’s final chapter at:
– Tobias Daniels