feature: gian paolo la barbera: psychedelic soul art

April 1, 2014

When given a taste of the world Jimi Hendrix visited when performing, Brazilian artist Gian Paolo La Barbera created a kaleidoscopic piece representing the legend. As Hendrix’s melodies jump from his tongue, and his hair flow amidst the soothing frequency of his guitar strings, we fall victim to creativity’s seduction once more!

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Gian has a lucid way of keeping viewers on the brink of imagination and reality by creating psychedelic imagery, that amplifies each character portrayed. As his artwork becomes a significant staple in the global art scene. Wax Poetics, MTV and Rolling Stone magazines have all introduced their audiences to Gian’s artwork, as well as a variety of musicians for whom he’s created album covers for.

In his latest series entitled ‘Soul Sketches’, La Barbera has created beautiful portraits of some of the most influential Soul musicians of our time which will be featured in an upcoming book about Soul artists. We are proud to introduce the Afropunk community to Gian Paolo La Barbera, and if you want to get check out more of his artwork & get the latest news from him, visit his website here!

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