feature: “afrofuturist” tunde olaniran is the ‘yung archetype’

April 25, 2014

Tunde Olaniran’s Yung Archetype EP is a collection of five seriously rad jawns, an irreproachable amalgam of gnomic lyrics and biting social commentary. Olaniran flips effortlessly between satiny vocals before laying down rhymes dripping wet with polished jewels. First track “Brown Boy” head butts age old stereotypes about a black man’s place in society as well as the exploitation and appropriation of his people, with a backdrop of 808’s and electropop pulses.

By Ayara Pommells, AFROPUNK Contributor *

“I’m every single thing you think of me/ I’m a sinner. Killer. Drug dealer. Refugee/ So keep your jaw locked and I’ll keep the peace/ They act like they don’t wanna but man they know me…”

In “The Highway” he tackles gentrification boldly, a universal issue. We’re all seeing it. Our neighborhoods being torn down and ‘redeveloped’ in a bid to serve the community. It’s just not usually our own communities. Rents being hiked up. Bookstores and record stores disappearing and being replaced by coffee shops and misplaced boutiques. Since the Tottenham Riots took place, the international attention has only served to speed up the process in the area. “The Highway” will hopefully spark some debate on social media about the issue. Yes. We need more of this. More Tunde!

Tunde Olaniran’s message delivery is punchy enough to get his heavy messages across whilst at the same time, droll enough for him not to be dismissed as another ‘angry black man’. Tunde is the quirky soul of Cee-Lo meets the hip hop rebellious ratchetness of fellow Michigan emcee Danny Brown. The interfusion of his Nigerian attire, blinding grill and unorthodox dance moves makes the societal revolt easily digestible… Universally – *wink wink*
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