ap fashion: spring trend report

April 28, 2014

Letting go of those layers can be daunting. However, Mother Winter has finally eased up! With spring pieces and collections being released faster than greenhouse gases, looking foolish is foreseeable. Even if you’d prefer to fringe on the outside of popular culture and dodge mainstream trends, everyone could use a bit of the fashawns. It is individual interpretation that is paramount.

By Chauncey Glenn, AFROPUNK Contributor
Original illustrations by Kacey Kal

1. The Athletic Influence

An overall aesthetic of athleticism has emerged; truncating those other vile trends that you thought were your favorite. Whether you chose to resemble an Emperor, Surfer, Skater, or all of the above this trend will keep you off the bench. Athletic inspired apparel is not only appeasing to the eye, but it is functional. Alexander Wang, Astrid Andersen, Opening Ceremony, Shaun Samson, and Kenzo — amongst others — have gracefully stepped in with the assist. Can’t hate the player or the game this season. Designer tennis shoes from Nike’s line of Dri-Fit can complement the outfit.

2. The Chelsea Pair

Hedi Slimane has come to conquer. With his appointment as the creative director of YSL — now Saint Laurent — came the unveiling of the brands new name, a stylized logo as well as a precisely modish and favored shoe. Brands such as Paul Smith, Comme Des Garçons and Giuseppe Zanotti have not hesitated to follow Hedi’s lead. Lace-less, unisex, and a bit suggestive of children’s footwear, the Chelsea Boot is perfect for everything adult this spring.

3. Floral, After Dark

Once slightly reminiscent of Easter and vacationing in Hawaii, floral has drifted from bright and sunny to dark and mature. Designers such as Givenchy, Dries Van Noten, Saint Laurent and Phillip Lim have transcended the print. You can now shine bright in floral sets and pieces, with no help from the Sun.

4. Operating The Clutch

An obligation to be minimal increases with the changing of the seasons and its resulting increase in late night activity. It is either too hot to lug sweat-trapping backpacks around, or little room at the bar for your stuffed-to-capacity leather tote. Spare yourself the pit, shoulder, and back sweat. Grab a clutch to heighten your look, in the most minuscule way.

5. Birken-Stocked

Toe pride is on high and the Birkenstock effect is tugging at us all…minus the socks. Valentino, Lanvin, and Ann Demeulemeester are a few of the brands that have obnoxiously upped the price of the modest slip-on in the name of minimalism. The sandals are tranquil enough for any time of the day…

* Brands depicted in these illustrations are influenced by Opening Ceremony, Nike, Givenchy, Versace, Bally, Lee Roach, Z Zenga, Hood By Air, Neil Barrett, & Paul Smith. Find more of Kacey Kal’s masterpieces here.