feature: the ‘every body’ project – you are beautiful the way you are

March 10, 2014

It’s hard out there for a chick. Being bombarded with the media’s impossible standard of beauty, constantly telling us that we look “wrong” isn’t easy to deal with on a daily basis.
I created the Every Body Project as a way to help women everywhere celebrate their bodies. I capture stylish women of all ages, body types and races to showcase their own unique beauty. After each photo, I ask every woman what her favorite character trait is because I believe it is crucial for women to start talking about themselves in a more positive way. So often we say what we don’t like, so this is a small step in restructuring that paradigm.
You are beautiful the way you are. In fact, those quirks (large noses, curvy hips, rounder middles) that we are taught to pick apart, make you all the more exceptional. Learn more about this project, and see more great style at

By Shanthony Exum, AFROPUNK Contributor