feature: photographer mario epanya: coloring african beauty

March 25, 2014

Photographer Mario Epanya recognizes the authentic exquisiteness that stems deep from beauty’s own mystical abyss. Dark skin, bright colors and eyes that hold the keys to truth easily consume their viewer; how can you not be in awe of heaven’s allure. His images are evident of the world’s appreciation for Afro people and our concrete impact in the world of fashion. What makes his artistry even more supreme is that, the images of nudity not only magnify the nature of woman and man, but also place the human anatomy on a still canvas as art instead of exploitation.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *
Images © Mario Epanya

As the curator of his own covers for a fictional Vogue Africa, he takes photos of statuesque fashion models and creates a large platform for African fashion to soar from. Mario Epanya is adamant in his quest to place African fashion at the same level as other cultural plateaus, although some have criticized the initiative arguing that Africans don’t need validation from brands like Vogue (Epanya said he felt the debate was counter-productive: “Globalization is real and it’s time for Africa to sit at the table and propose what we can do”).

Through his lens, Epanya grasps hold of a magical moment, a moment where texture, innocence, mystique, style, and every hue that the African diaspora offers, unite in sovereignty and perfection! Be sure to view more of Mario’s photography at, and let the Afropunk community know what you think!

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