feature: joey le soldat hits hard on latest album ‘burkin bâ’

March 10, 2014

Hip-Hop is an ever-evolving musical genre doused in artistic fervor, creative expression and a mounting existence of political expression—and it’s most certainly, no longer limited to the United States. Hailing from the West African country of Burkina Faso, is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist by the name of Joey le Soldat. Formerly of the rap duo Waga 3000, Soldat has recently released his sophomore effort entitled, Burkin BÂ, released by Akwaaba Music / Tentacule Records.

By Jarrett Johnson, AFROPUNK Contributor *

The Burkinabé MC has combined forces with French producers; 76 0S , DJ Form, Redrum, and engineer Dave Cooley, for this progressive new album. Dave Cooley—best known for working with Madlib, MF Doom, JDilla, and Dam Funk, lends his mastering talents to smooth out the raw edges of this long-play rendition of ghetto tribulation. Burkina Faso, a country whose motto embodies the ideals of Unity, Progress and Justice, has found copious representation within Soldat’s music.

Soldat looks to transcend harsh societal issues by penning a more encouraging outlook of the status quo. “Soldat” literally translates to “Soldier”, and this MC is just that. He stands at the front line of a war on poverty and unpleasant living conditions, armed with revolutionary rhymes and an optimistically prophetic tone. Soldat powers his way through Burkin BÂ with numerous, jarring tunes, including ‘D.M.D’, the album’s lead track–produced by DJ Form.

In ‘D.M.D’, Soldat raps about empowering the young minds of his country’s ghetto neighborhoods, as well as offering a solution toward his society’s progression. The entire album is full of hard-hitting beats infused with fast paced techno, and ragga rhythms. The manifestation of foreign artists like Joey le Soldat is demonstrative of the globalization of Hip-Hop, as well a glimpse into how all cultures deal with very same hardships,while looking toward the future in hopes of a better tomorrow.

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