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March 10, 2014

A complete side note but…let me just say, CONGRATS to Lupita Nyong’o for her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and to 12 Years A Slave for Best Picture! To Lupita–what an excellent speech she gave—sat on my couch, eating Caribbean Coconut ice cream with tears running down my face—her journey as a black actress, who brings so much to the table, should be extremely inspiring to young females. Dreams, as she stated are achievable and “[n]o matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” Just yes, to all of it—we are being recognized, and I am not going to even begin ranting about Twitter and Facebook comments stating that “slavery was so long ago, forget about it…Jennifer Lawrence was robbed…” because I can write a five page essay addressing those comment….soo…. Here is the full video of Lupita’s acceptance speech to get your Monday going….
Now to the good stuff… graphic tees to add to your drawer. I know that my days of wearing graphic tees were probably in the 6th or 7th grade and I usually see graphic tees or t-shirts with any wording to be somewhat flashy and what not, but I have learned, there are ways to stylize a tee, whether it’s pairing it with a hot vintage pair of high waist jeans, or cutting it in to a hot little crop tee. I probably have about 50 moshood t-shirt (clearly I started a collection when I was a little girl) and because some a bit too small for me now, I have found cute and not trashy ways to cut of my tees that are perfect to wear out to festivals and street fairs during the summer. There are ways to make graphic tees work my friends, and here are some hot tee’s that I’ve found on the web that should be added to your collection. Not only are they different from the ordinary shirt from an Urban Outfitter or Forever 21 that EVERYONE has—but they are also collectors items or one of a kind!

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor

• Sade, Black Queen Tee —
Celebrate one the queens of smooth music, Sade, with this white tee and her beautiful face! Once I am not such a broke college student, I will be ordering this tee. Also check out Deer Dana x Miguel’s Sade Tee (

• The QUEEN Tee —
The shirt is truly dedicated to one of the baddest out there, Queen Latifah!
 Contemporary Negro has some other very dope products (just ordered a Malcolm X pin), a line that is dedicated to “representing roots and culture” through fashion. The pieces are timeless- whether a shirt, varsity jacket or pin—they transcend generations—our culture will never go out of style. Love it and love the mission with the products!

• Allen and Fifth —
The vibrant and in your face aspect of the Allen and Fifth Tee’s—loving the Ife Bronze Nigeria tee-the head of a king—royalty—celebrating Nigerian and also African culture and greatness! For New Yorkers, Allen and Fifth products can be brought at Bebenoir on 116th Street and Eight Avenue (

• Queen by Nature —!product/prd1/1362926201/queen-by-nature-cropped

A tribute to naughty by nature—cropped crewneck long sleeved shirt—let everyone know that you are a Queen! Her threads also has some great vintage items on the site as well!

• Bartsquiat’ Tee by Vacancy Projects –

Stay fly and warm in this winter weather (spring is almost here…hopefully)!

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