afropunk premiere: afrobeat madness with underground system’s video ‘bella ciao’

March 26, 2014

Pump up the volume and get ready to shake your thang to some high-energy Afrobeat! We’re premiering Underground System’s new video ‘Bella Ciao’.
The Underground System team tells us: “The video for Bella Ciao takes place at a ‘zumba-esque’ fitness class gone terribly wrong. Frontwoman Domenica Fossati (a real life certified Zumba instructor and African Dancer) whips the band and friends into a frenzied dance, emphasizing the closing lyrics of the song: MORTO PER LA LIBERTÀ (Die for freedom).
Underground System front woman, flutist, singer and dancer Domenica Fossati is all over the place. Hailing from Miami, via Venezuela, this Afro-Italian artist is Trilingual and well-acquainted with Yoruba and Ewe ethnic tongues. She trained in traditional African dance during a stint in Ghana. As an instrumentalist, her whistling rolls have found a home with everything from modern chamber music, art pop, indie rock to Afrobeat. omenica leads the band with Peter Matson, guitarist, DJ, producer (Awkwafina) and *fun fact!* the great-grandson of Irving Berlin.”

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