[seizure warning] young paris – let it go (music video)

February 18, 2014

Young Paris remix’s Sleepy Tom’s ‘Let it Go”

“Young Paris, aka Milandou Badila, chosen by Arcade Fire’s Kanpe team to perform at their famous annual fundraising event this Saturday (Feb 22nd), is getting coverage for his unique blend of electronic rap with African beats. Raised by a Congolese Father and Afro/American Mother, YP mixes his traditional African background with a swing on contemporary music perfected through ought his upbringing in NY.

Milandou Badila and his 9 brothers and sisters come from a family of performing and visual artists. His father, Elombe Badila, was co-founder of the First National Ballet of the Congo, which brought peace to many villages and united them in dance. This unity played an important role in Congo’s independence in the 1960’s. His mother, Pamela Badila, Dancer Emeritus with “Les Grands ballets d’ Afrique Noirs”, joined his father’s company in Paris after touring the Ivory coast with world famous ‘Rose Marie Guiraud’.

YP is now a producer- song writer who has worked with artists from all over the world (Radio-Radio, Emmanuel Jal, Anita Alvarez de Toledo, Poirier, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Nominated, Tommy Stinson and Grammy winning producer, Jimmy Haynes etc.) Young Paris has since polished his sound and is now introducing the world to a new genre – Rap Electronic with an African twist!.”