see.culture.made.radical: the visual history makers – nandipha mntambo

February 19, 2014

Nandipha Mntambo is a South African artist best known for her sculptures, videos and photographs. She aspires to push past boundaries of race and sexual identity through her work. She develops these transformative pieces of art with all natural and organic materials.
Mntambo was born in the small town of Swaziland, and grew up in bustling Johannesburg before moving to Cape Town. She received her degree from the University of Cape Town from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, in 2007. She has acquired both national and international acclaim, since graduating. She received support from the Stevenson gallery in South Africa, which gave her four solo shows. She has also displayed her work across Europe and participated in biennials in Bamako, Dakar, Moscow and Sydney.
Mntambo recently worked along side Claudette Schreuders, Jane Alexander, Wim Botha, Nicholas Hlobo and Conrad Botes. They crafted bronze statues of Nelson Mandela, the pieces help us consider the role sculpture continues to play as social commentary and in debates around the world. In 2013, Mntambo exhibited her first international solo show at Andréhn-Schiptjenko in Stockholm.

By Priscilla Ward, AFROPUNK Contributor *
All artwork © Nandipha Mntambo

* Priscilla Ward is a DC native and microwaved New Yorker. She enjoys keeping an active pulse on the arts, entertainment and cultural scenes of DC, New York and Philadelphia. She also freelances for Brooklyn Exposed and
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