feature: artist samuel rodriguez – science interpreted through art

February 25, 2014

With the combination of geometric shapes, natural hues, and unique facial structures, artist Samuel Rodriguez exemplifies his outlook on the world’s ethnicities through colorful and textured paintings. As I look on and admire his artistry, I interpret the geometric shapes he uses as an essential value that not only make up part of our humanistic essence, but is also relatable to an omnipresent structure in everyday life. The spectrum of diverse shades of beauty serves the world balance that is indeed necessary and much appreciated.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *
All artwork © Samuel Rodriguez

For instance, the most prevalent use of geometry besides the natural make up of our bodily traits is architecture. It’s presence is just as interconnected in our daily lives as we are amongst each other when looking beyond ourselves.

The beautiful textures of hair, and various skin complexions make us all feel united and upon the same plain. Take a look through his artwork, you might just see a bit of yourself somewhere in the midst.

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