electro-punk band blxpltn eviscerates stop and frisk in this first look at their debut record. #soundcheck

February 10, 2014

They’ve only finished recording 2 songs so far, but everyone we’ve played BLXPLTN’s demos for has had the same reaction. “What is this? This is fucking dope.” It’d basically be irresponsible not to share it.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

The Austin-based trio blends punk fury with industrial and electrocrass sounds on “Stop and Frisk” and “Train.” Building from a minimal electro beat and distorted bass “Stop and Frisk” eviscerates the tactic (which, depending on how cynical you are is about to end once and for all or will simply be renamed and rebranded under it’s pioneer; the returning NYPD Commissioner Bratton…) Sounding something like Black Flag with an electronic drum kit, the trio of TaSzlin Muerte, Jonathan Hortsmann, and Khattie Q inject raw minimalism with a new fire.

The band is currently working on their full length album, but in the meantime, would a 7” be too much to ask for?