comedian quinta brunson: a pint size riot packed with punch

February 5, 2014

Quinta Brunson, standing at barely 5 ft., is a riot. She is the creator of the widely popular Instagram/Youtube series “The Girl Who’s Never Been On A Nice Date Before.” The series takes the experience of dating and turns it into something we can all laugh at in a relatable way. After attending Temple University, the Philadelphia native took to LA to pursue her passion for comedy. She performed the first installment of the series in front of a group of friends, who then encouraged her to record it and share it. Within a couple days things started happening, the video went viral being reposted across various social media platforms. Brunson spoke to us about the role comedy has played in her life, and clears up any confusion about, “where she is coming from,” with the series.

By Priscilla Ward, AFROPUNK Contributor

What first got you interested in comedy?

I really feel like if I’m going to do something in the world I might as well make people laugh. I think it’s necessary for people to laugh at the little things.

Did you receive any formal training in comedy?

I attended a weeklong intensive at Second City Chicago, I was also apart of the sketch comedy show Temple Smash while in college.

What do you think about this being a pivotal moment for African American comedians?

I think there is an interesting dynamic, around what it means to be a black comedian right now. However, It’s important to not to get bogged down with the idea of just being a black comedian. It’s important to use that as a driving force and means to move forward.

What are your thoughts on criticism, that the series might be making fun of girls who may not have money and have never been on a “nice” date?

It’s not that deep it’s comedy. It’s suppose to be funny whatever, causes people to think that this series is suppose to poke fun of people; that is not the case. However, I am glad they have an opinion.

Where would you like to take your career?

I would like to take my comedy series to comedy stations and channels. I am trying to do a little bit more with the character. I would like to start introducing more characters into the series.

Who are some people you look up to in the comedy world?

Andy Kaufman, Ellen DeGeneres, Martin Lawrence, Mindy Kaling and Gerard Carmichael, the list goes on.

How long did it take for the series to go viral?

I recorded it using Instagram and two days later things started happening with Instagram page. Then all of a sudden people started sharing it. I had about 1000 of my own followers like it…then we shot the second one.  It was reposted by the sites Hip Hop Since 1987, and on various Tumblr accounts. People kept reposting it, and people kept asking to follow it, there were about 30,000 notes on it. I was definitely excited about the video going viral.

Do you have any advice to those who may want to pursue comedy as a career?

Get some sort of training under your belt, start putting on your own shows to see where your passion can take you and do your research. You have to focus on your craft and delivering the best you can.

Did you get a lot of support from your parents when you told them you wanted to pursue comedy as a career?

Yes and no…

Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you! I think that’s most important none of this would be possible without the support of my friends who helped this to go viral.