cerebral ballzy – interview @ scion rock fest 2012 (scion av)

February 6, 2014

Cerebral Ballzy’s frontman, Honor Titus professes his love for The Velvet Underground and and growing up in skate shops around NYC influences the band’s sound. The interview was filmed at Scion Rock Fest 2012 in Tampa, Florida.

Cerebral Ballzy was born and raised in East New York’s grimy core but instead of crying about it, they scream their way through a sprawling mess of 80s-hardcore and punk rock on their upcoming self-titled released in 2011 via Adult Swim’s Williams Street Records. Led by frontman Honor Titus and bassist Melvin Honore, Cerebral Ballzy works to restore something golden to New York’s punk rock history — balls. The band’s self-titled debut features tracks like “Insufficient Fare and “Don’t Tell Me What To Do” telling the story of broken homes and broken bones while capturing the teenage punks’ experience growing up in the Big Apple’s rotten center.