ap fashion: dress and fill your environment to be in touch with your inner self

February 25, 2014

I would say that I have always had more of an affinity towards spirituality and belief in a higher being, than necessarily clinging to one religious home. In high school I took an introduction to Buddhism course and felt I connected more with the idea of practice and lifestyle, rather than just praising the Lord on a Sunday and then returning to normal activities every other day of the week. Not to say this is for all people who may be Christian, or of other religions—but personally—I feel that spirituality or faith is almost a lifestyle and at the start of the year, I made a promise to myself to explore, in different ways. I was raised a Christian though — I guess college presented itself as a time to explore my spiritual beliefs. I am working to create calm space around me, whether in the way that I dress or organize my room.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor *
Just sharing with you all—because as I tackle and try to balance school work and social activities, it is important to remain centered- through meditating at the start of my day or burning some incense, wearing uplifting colors, I think I’ve been able to manage all of the crazy ish life throws at us sometimes.

Make a goal to always dress in bright and uplifting colors regardless-spring is around the corner (crosses fingers)—yellows, orange reds, pale pinks are in—in conjunction with creating a tranquil space and wearing stones that may center you – get some color in your wardrobe palette as well!

To wear:

Blue Agate
Meaning: Blue agate is soothing – soft, elegant, with a circular like design that stimulates and has a positive effect on your emotions and attitude. The stone is for encouragement and support. The stone provides guidance in stress related situations.

Love this necklace on Blavk Jewelry using a thin piece of blue agate stone with a gold chain.

The Ankh
Meaning: key of life, possessor of life.
The ankh has always been a symbol within my life—probably from seeing it in my moms jewelry box and as part of her tattoo, I have always loved the design of the symbol but also the meaning behind—giving life, energy. My favorite ankh necklace was actually passed down to me from my mom, but in some dedicated digging through etsy or thrift stores, you are bound to find a unique ankh necklace design.

Meaning: A stone related to fire and somewhat masculine in its nature—stone of action, life, and stimulates the flow of ideas—serves as a protectors also.

Again, something that can be worn or placed in the home—loved the layered necklace on

For your room:

Salt Lamp—Ordering one of these in the coming weeks to add more a calming element to my dorm room. Increases chi, promotes general well being, mental alertness, and the orange red hue is very calming. These can be plugged in to a laptop usb port or outlet.

Nag champa – one of my favorite scents of incense—not too strong, but adds a great aroma to a warm room or space.

Candles– Lavender scented candles are probably my favorite—very soothing and create a warm and loving space. I recently purchased a cucumber melon candles—which is a stronger and cooler scent for me, but also creates a clear space. Candles are always a great addition to a calm aroma—light a candle when you get home, and try to unwind, avoid using bright lights and electronics before bed- you will sleep much better!

Desk Space-As much as I used to love having everything on my desk and wall space when I was younger, over the years of living away from home, I have learned the less on my desk space, the better. A clear work space allows for clarity in thought and life.

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