ap fashion: dangerously sexy – femme fatale by chelsea jackson

February 26, 2014

AFROPUNK Fam, check out this photo series sent to us by badass photographer Chelsea Jackson. Info: “Up-and-coming photographer and University of Texas at Austin senior advertising major, Chelsea Jackson explores the realm of love, seduction and female dominance in her 1600 shot photo shoot.

In a little under eight hours, with one model and two wardrobe changes, Jackson was able to capture her vision on film using her Nikon D500. The entire shoot was shot in her tiny, 750 sq foot apartment, using the bare minimum equipment required. There is also minimum editing.

“I do not think women have to be edited to be beautiful,” said Jackson. “In today’s society, all we see is editing, which causes the power of real, true beauty to be lost. Our imperfections are what fuel our power and what allows us to be great. I believe that all the power in the world lies in raw beauty.”

Jackson’s original idea for the femme fatale shoot was inspired by her muse, who thinks of herself as a femme fatale. As an ode to her, Jackson wanted to bring the femme fatale character to life. During the planning process, Jackson realized that she had an opportunity to connect this shoot to feminist ideals by countering the social standards in place that attempt to define what a woman can or cannot be.

One of Jackson’s main objectives was to portray a single woman not boxed into the typical damsel in distress role. “I wanted her to be single, powerful, seductive and dangerous,” Jackson said. “It’s a twist on the cliché lonely, single woman day persona that we’re used to hearing.” Jackson also mentioned how she wanted to simultaneously attack the notion that women with tattoos and/or piercings are un-lady like.

The star of the photos is Taelor Edmondson, a model and practicing hair stylist. “Working with Chelsea was unlike anything I have ever experienced,” said Edmondson. “She explained her vision to me and from there she just allowed me to take over and portray my interpretation of everything she envisioned for the shoot.”

* Chelsea hopes to be able to produce more art like this in the future. In addition to her amazing photography skills, Jackson specializes in design and advertising/media. She is currently developing her own streetwear brand set to launch Spring 2014. She aspires to enter the fields of music and streetwear/street culture photography after she graduates this May.

For more information about Chelsea Jackson or her portfolio, please visit their website here or contact her via Twitter here. For more information about Taelor Edmondson, please contact her via email: