the other side of the upcoming fifa world cup in brazil

January 10, 2014

“Cops pointed guns at and threatened to shoot protestors as they forcefully and brutally evicted locals from the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Armed and aggressive cops were sent in by the government to destroy these poor people’s dwellings in Mangueira, so they can build parking lots for the upcoming World Cup 2014.” “A dozen houses in the Mangueira slums of Rio de Janeiro have been demolished, and residents have been removed at gun point by the government of Brazil in order to build a parking lot for the upcoming World Cup.”
via revolution-news.com
“A shocking video was posted by Midia Informal, showing cops ready to open fire on people.” “People who were living in these homes were targeted by militarized riot cops, sent in by the government to push them into the streets. They were not even allowed to gather their personal belongings.” “Another video shows even more brutality: cops teargassing women for simply passing by; riot cops repeatedly attacking locals, throwing teargas grenades into their homes or aiming straight at them, and terrorizing and bullying defenseless people on the streets”.
Full articles here and here. Videos below. Banner photo above by Paula Kossatz.