former parliament-funkadelic keyboardist amp fiddler’s latest ep ‘basementality 2’ is full of classic electro-soul jams. #soundcheck

January 24, 2014

In an electro-soul world where just about everyone owes some creative debt to George Clinton and J Dilla, there’s probably no-one more deserving of that comparison than Amp Fiddler. A member of Parliament-Funkadelic for a decade and a close friend and collaborator of the deeply missed Dilla, Amp Fiddler’s latest solo EP finds the singer/songwriter looking at the funk and R&B he helped define as a keyboardist from a modern lens.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Though he’s mainly known for the epic list of artists he’s collaborated with (in addition to Clinton and Dilla, he’s worked with Prince, Seal, Jamiroquai, Raphael Saadiq, and basically everyone else good.) Basementality 2 makes a strong case for Fiddler as a solo artist. Fiddler stretches his vocal chops on the infectious “Yeah!” on top of a beat that would have made J Dilla smile. It makes sense that Fiddler’s done a lot of work as a sound designer for drum machines. His drum samples are tight throughout the EP, particularly on the vintage soul jam “Take It.” (Did I mention Raphael Saadiq guests on “Take It?” I should have led with that. Duet goodness.)

The whole EP is full of instant classic electro-soul jams and is available through the Bandcamp player above. Definitely check this one out.