‘destination forever’: the power of motion by performing artist brinae ali

January 17, 2014

Music is many things, but to most it’s a tonic for life’s ills, an elixir comprised of rhythm, melodies, and words—a concoction much more powerful than anything prescribed by your physician. Someone who knows a thing or two about the healing power of music would be Brinae Ali, who offers her very own healthy dosage of medicine with her musical composition, “Destination Forever”. Seven years in the making, Destination Forever is project complete with poetry, harmonious songs, and the highly communicative art form of tap. With the assistance of Jason Mills (from the off-Broadway show STOMP), acting as the executive producer and musical director she is on a quest to gain musical prominence through her latest contribution.

By Jarrett Johnson, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Brinae looks to shoulder the role of an artistic healer of sorts, as she uses this project to assuage the harsh realities of life, and elevate the human spirit. In regards to tap, many people observe it for the visual aspects, forgetting to notice its musical relevance. Tap heavily embodies traces of rhythm, which is comparable to balance, a constant variable lodged in to life’s equation. Using a combination of many imaginative outlets, Brinae has fully expressed her feelings, and in the form of Destination Forever.

Calling her latest project, the soundtrack of her life, Brinae plucks instances and examples from her past to convey the power of music. A few years ago, Brinae had to come to grips with a traumatic event, when her then 6 month old daughter Malaika sustained brain injuries due to a falling down a flight of stairs. Unmistakably heartbroken, and frightened, Brinae soldiered through those uncertain times with an unwavering sense of positivity and a strict regimen of music and dance.

Using music, Brinae was able to ease both the physical pain felt by her daughter, as well as the mental anguish placed upon herself as a loving parent. When someone is under-the-weather, the best source of restoration is the combination of many different alternatives, essentially, that’s what Destination Forever is. Brinae Ali’s soul-exposing project is a living and breathing example of how music can alter one’s overall health. Through soulful sounds and poetic movement, music invokes the motion designed to transform emotion (unintentional rhyme, but Brinae’s purpose is intentional). At a time where music is leaning toward the mundane side of things, this project offers a blended substitute, and it’s just what the soul ordered.

Be sure to check out Brinae’s “Rebel” a snippet and visual presentation of her project, Destination Forever.

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