artist, kajahl benes: bridging the gap between africans & african-americans

January 28, 2014

Seems like no matter how far we come as Afro people, there is always a stereotype, perception and opinion that stalls our growth and ultimate goal of obtaining unity. Fortunately through the art of music, dance, photography, theatre, and illustration, we can set aside differences and unite. Within the African Diaspora, there is a gigantic disconnect in regards to identity, and culture- which we can charge greatly to the Trans Atlantic slave trade and people’s blatant choice of ignorance. Ultimately, the question that arises is: What is the difference between African American and African if the only ancestral lineage many identify with is of African roots although not born there? Artist Kajahl Benes has peacefully found a way to connect the two cultures which I believe to have the power that can provoke change in countenance, belief systems and absurd notions of separation.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

The dynamics between African-American and African culture and its subtleties raise great contrasts, yet Kajahl merges the two by adopting the unique realities as one.

It takes courage for an artist to take on cultural and social commentary that is thought-provoking and diffuses adversity. In all, Kajahl seeks for his artwork to continue being a bridge for the African diaspora’s solidarity.

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