thoughts on beyonce

December 20, 2013

We were scrolling through Facebook and came across one of our favorite cultural commentators, Greg Tate. Read what he had to say about Beyonce’s latest album. 

By Greg Tate (on Facebook)

Listened to Beyonce’s new album, dug some of the spooky vocals, spookier production. Watched about 12 of the videos and got depressed for the world like a mutha. Mostly by the butt nekkid desperation for self-sexualizing pop relevance. The hunger to please of the child-star returns pathetic and Marilynesque in the adult. The vacuum beneath the appropriated high tech haute couture come-on imaging reveals a no there-there raging void. Madonna sponged her reference for visual literacy from Basquiat. B got ‘Picasso’. Ronny Drayton’s grandmother used to tell him ‘Boy, no matter how how high you go in this world you will always be The Product. ‘ Auction block R&B, billion dollar babies, commodified soul sucked clean to the plantation-haunted marrow. Epitome of what Cecil Taylor meant when he said, ”For a Black person to be a success iin this culture is to be failure.’