review + free download: ari lennox doesn’t do bio’s. peep the ‘ariography’ ep…

December 18, 2013

Washington DC native Ari Lennox released her Ariography EP a short while ago and it was just too good to let pass us by. We all loved the bubbly visuals for her lead single “La La La La” in which she expresses her mixed emotions over a guy she is both in awe of and terrified of. Totally relatable. We’ve all been a little scared of getting our heart broken, right?

By Ayara Pommells, AFROPUNK Contributor *

EP Stream + ‘La La La’ Video + Free Download

Individual tracks are available for free download at


The project consists of 7 delectable tracks (including the intro and outro). A mammoth 5 out of the 7 tracks have been produced by David James who, as well as being a talented beatmaker is frontman and guitar player of the hip hop/jazz group Ndelible.

There’s plenty to love on this EP. Ariography is the songstress airing out all of her vulnerabilities and documenting her significant life lessons and journeys. From funky, drum led “Inhale Me” and the Caribbean spirited “Mumbles” to the deceptively saucy “Cascade” which is all about doing the ‘do’… but obviously packaged far more poetically.

“Fall into my cascade/I’ll make you weak with my waves/Swallow on me deep, as my valley weeps
Leave no trace…”

As a J Dilla fan, it wouldn’t be right not to mention that Ari’s song “Cascade” is in fact, a Dilla beat. I often find myself cringing when artists try and remake the Dilla magic. His craft is frequently diminished by unworthy remakes, remixes and such but Ari Lennox does the Detroit legends’ art justice. An exceptional young lady. Here’s hoping for a video to accompany “Cascade”.

If you haven’t already given Ariography a listen, you can stream it below and thank us later.

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