illustrator ron ackins: twisting reality into charismatic black power cartoons

December 2, 2013

Unfortunately, the world of Black comics have yet to get as much attention as many mainstream animation today. While on my quest for comics by Afro-American illustrators, I came across Ron Ackins. What I love about his artistic style is that he twists reality into a charismatic cartoon, like Samuel L. Jackson as a superhero, with a white s-curl? No joke! Don’t believe me, just watch.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

“I want to empower Black people and aboriginal cultures. I want a Black kid or an Asian kid to look at my work and be inspired to tell their story honestly, from their perspective. As well as create imagery that speaks to their people and cultures. A lot of the times us ‘minorities’ are caught up creating with Western culture in mind leaving the cultures we come from malnourished.” – Ron Ackins “I want to leave behind work that everybody enjoys. But I want Black people to get power from the stories that I plan on telling; my inspiration comes from life predominantly.” As more artists and people of influence begin to adopt common goals like Ron Ackins in the construction of Afro people uniting, the Black experience will become even more powerful, living beyond animation and comic strips. Check out Ron Ackins’ site, Diggy’s Daily to view more of his work. * Tip Jordan’s blog: