dc street style by britt elyse nelson: demonte’

December 9, 2013

Name: Demonte’ Shavers

Currently living: Philadelphia

Next place you wish to visit: Brazil

Occupation: Nurse

Dream Job: Travel Nurse


What influences/inspires your personal style the most?
Honestly speaking, I’m inspired by non-conformity in all aspects. When I’m gallivanting throughout the world and I see someone who is wearing something with confidence and/or doing something that makes them happy whether it be baking, styling, painting etc… It really moves and inspires me to express my own creativity.


Do you think people feel different when they wear certain clothes?
Yes, I think people feel differently when they wear certain clothes. Because I’ve always looked at garments/clothing as a self-expressional platform. It’s like you give the world a snippet of who you are and how you feel in that particular moment.


Do you think there’s a difference between “fashion” and “style”?
Of course I do. Fashion is what’s mainstream and current. Style is more personally conceived. Style not only pushes one to be themselves, but it’s freeing from what society says is normal and or standard.

* A Howard University graduate, Britt Elyse Nelson is a photojournalist living in Washington D.C. She specializes in capturing and sharing the creative essence of individuals as they display their unique street style.

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