ap fashion: a splash of color for the grim shades of winter: blues, purples and reds!

December 18, 2013

Blues, purples and reds are very warm and comforting – like a Lauryn Hill song and a cup of chamomile tea on a brick winter day. I am a winter baby—but hate that so many people resort to wearing grays, blacks and browns. My mom, every year, as a child, purchased a bright colored LLbean jacket for me—a way to bring a bit of sunshine to a dark winter day. That mentality has stuck with me. Matching the mood of winter will surely make you depressed. Uplift your spirits with color. You don’t have to go with a neon pink or yellow (but if that floats your boat, go on with it)… but purple, blues and reds always spice up winter woes.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor

Color is more than what meets the eye:

Purple is connected to spirituality, reaching a sacred realm, the higher self, “passion, your third eye, fulfillment, and vitality.” Shades of purple help align oneself with “the whole of the universe.”

Blue is connected to inspiration and rejuvenation. Blue links to the sky and seas—an interconnectedness of life. Blue relates to open spaces, being free, your intuition, the will to imagine, and connecting to faith and your inner self/intelligence.

Red is connected to energy, your power and passion. Red is lust, and sexy, having courage and vigor!

Wear these colors this season to connect to your inner self and push boundaries, be different from everyone else who is wearing the basic grey or black. Don’t get me wrong—black and grey jackets are essential—but make an effort to add color accents to take your outfit to another level! Paint your streets with vibrancy and spirit!
The stunning Lupita Nyong’o is pictured in a patterned knee length jacket. The polyester material of the jacket may not be the warmest, but the blues and reds draw you in to the fabric, a spin on a winter jacket. Parkas are very in and practical—style and expressing yourself not always about being practical! Add accents with scarves, if you still want to stick with a simple parka or down jacket.
Also, check out “All Power is In Me” Wands—a handmade necklace collection—great authentic jewelry pieces!

The images in this article show fly people wearing blue, purples and reds well – some inspiration for your winter wardrobe and attire. Whether it’s a colorful jacket or a splash of color on your lips—do something!

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Stay fly!