meet visual artist mshindo kuumba and his whimsical universe

November 20, 2013

Galactic powers have birthed an artist of magnificent stature. His hand reigns supreme in all his illustrations maintaining hold of a metaphysical and whimsical structure. Meet artist, Mshindo I. Kuumba, who is a comic creator for the likes of Jaycen Wise, Ebony Warrior, and Advent Comics just to name a few.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

As the chiseled warrior stands tall upon the kingdom he and has Queen have conquered, his shield glistens brightly in all its glory as smoke arises praising their presence. The Queen’s afro is accented by vibrant colors, sure to represent jewels complimenting her gladiator she stands under, what’s not to love about this image? The significance in interacting with nature, and the galaxy is an essential aesthetic in Mshindo’s artistic expression. Every piece is surreal and invites us to commute within our imagination. Be it stealth courageous men with swords, majestic women, or even giants with afros holding guns from resembling a child’s perception, the representation of royal Black images transferred from reality into creativity is pioneering that ultimately serves as a catalyst for future artists to make their Black universe known to the world!

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