meet visual artist mear one’s new slaves

November 29, 2013

It’s been over 400 years since the Trans-Atlantic slave trade occurred & throughout African Americans & Blacks’ struggle for equality, the mental idea of freedom is still blurry within the African diaspora. The world as a whole has quickly developed as a chess board for the most influential leaders to play on, as we the citizens take on the attributes of pawns and puppets. This system is even more present in the billion dollar prison industry. In his paintings & murals, artist Mear One has expressed these ideas.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *

‘David & Goliath’

So thought-provoking that one in particular wreaked havoc in London causing Councillor Peter Golds to affirm, “It’s intensely racist and has caused a great deal of offense.”As men bury their faces into their laps suffocating by the intense weight on their shoulders, sits a group of men playing a game of monopoly in the midst of chaos and fire without worry as the machine remains operative.

“I like to challenge myself with composition where I just don’t have one perspective. The picture won’t be straight on, I like to add warping to express hidden areas, and underground imagery so that it translucently comes through layers. It’s not just one vision taking place; I’d like to animate it, but it’s just a painting. I try to bring through some levels of movement.”

As much as we try to avoid living as robots- whether it’s your decision not to depend on a piece of paper valued by empty promises or live within the margins society has defined as the “norm”, there is still hope. One person can’t change the world alone, but like Mear One, seeking truth amidst society’s illusion, you can definitely overcome the powers that be.

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