indie soul singer res returns with a hot ep of fleetwood mac covers, ‘refried mac’ #soundcheck

November 13, 2013

The list of reasons why Philadelphia based indie soul singer Res’ latest project shouldn’t work is long. Dauntingly so. There’s a reason why Fleetwood Mac songs are rarely covered. Their complex arrangements and tight harmonies don’t really lend themselves well to reinterpretation. So a full EP of Fleetwood Mac covers? Leave it to the genre-defying Res to make it work gloriously.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Delving into 5 covers of some of Fleetwood Mac’s best known and most loved singles, Res and multi-instrumentalist / producer Tom Spiker inject the songs with soul and playfulness. What could easily be dismissed as something of a vanity project is elevated to something vital by the mere fact that it sounds like Res is radiating joy from singing these songs. Her passion for the source material brings new life to it; there’s always something amazing when you can tell the performers are having a good time.

The first single is a minimal setting of “Dreams.” Rooted in a repeating bassline, Res and Spiker play with subtle shifts in tension and dynamics beneath the instantly iconic vocal line. True, the team doesn’t take any huge risks here, but they add more than enough of themselves to the project to make it their own.

Refried Mac is currently available on iTunes.