swedish indie pop singer naomi pilgrim’s debut single “no gun” is a perfect blend of organic and mechanical. #soundcheck

October 25, 2013

Ever since hearing Tom Wait’s masterwork Bone Machine, and realizing “holy crap, it actually sounds like it was played on a machine made of bones!” I’ve had a weakness for music that blends the mechanical and the organic. Sweden based singer Naomi Pilgrims debut single “No Gun” hits that sweet spot. Featuring drums that clunk and chick just slightly out of rhythm like wooden gears, and a piano line halfway between a 90’s tape experiment and a broken music box. The production feels mechanical, but not in a bad way. It’s an organic machine. Whatever steampunk contraption performed the instruments was hand made.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

But it’s the pairing of these mechanical instruments with the all-too-human voice of Naomi Pilgrim that makes “No Gun” something special. Effortless, but soulful, Naomi Pilgrim’s voice accomplishes that rare feat of sounding perfect, but personable. Finally, the song builds to it’s inevitable choir-of-Naomi climax, with waves of soul crashing over broken machines. Like the pairs of contradictions in the songs lyrics “I’ve got tons of bullets, but no gun,” the tension in the pairing of opposites adds up to something magnetic.