sex in the ‘ackrylic city’: check out boulevards’ ep (free download)

October 7, 2013

You might not have heard of North Carolina artist Boulevards. One thing’s for sure though, after listening to his ACKRYLIC CITY EP, he will leave a long lasting impression on you one way or another. His influences have been quoted as Earth, Wind & Fire, Cameo, Talking Heads, Prince, Daft Punk and OutKast (to name just a few; it was a very healthy looking list) and these influences do shine through on ACKRYLIC CITY. Even his cover art puts me in the mind of a youthful, impassioned, Cameo.

Review by Ayara Pommells, AFROPUNK Contributor*

The project is dynamic and you do not have the luxury of being eased into Boulevards’ craft gently. He introduces you to his world with the super turbo powered “Kerosene Song (Cross The Line)”. A profusion of spiky synths and perilous guitar strings. Not for the faint hearted. His admonition of things to come.

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The second track, “The Crash” has a slightly jazzier, more chill vibe about it. It’s much needed after the rigorous, ride of the preceding offering. You really need this to bring your heart rate back down to a conventional momentum.

“To Death” nods to 80’s throwback. Ibiza nights. Tiki torches on an otherwise dimly lit beach at night. The standout track of the EP. The track is very Prince-esque; perhaps this is what is so alluring about electrifying it. It has all of the palpable raunchiness of an 80’s sex God, as he summons “Your pussy smells the best/Let’s make a fucking mess”. Well, what young lady’s gonna turn down an invitation like that?

The drum led “Keisha Kewl” is indeed, Über cool with its 60’s punk rock, Mods and Rockers drift, embellished with blithe hand claps. Another standout song. It’s definitely a head nodder. You’ll want to break out your premium air guitar moves for this one.

“D&C” Simply put… Sexual chocolate.

“Kiss My Ego” – The title really says it all. You know instantly that Boulevards is not in fact talking about his ego, but his EGO… You know? The track is littered with a few interesting gems. We do learn the size of Boulevards’ penis in this song. Much needed information for those who have ever wondered what Boulevards packing under his snug fitting denims.

“Hasta La Vista” begins something like an orbing sunrise. It is probably the most laid back of the joints on the EP. After the silky, smooth singing on the hook, Boulevards breaks into his laid back, rhyming style which is fairly similar to another North Carolina emcee, Akello Light.

“”Quasar” is 80’s Euro pop gold with a sharp, punky circumference.

ACKRYLIC CITY was produced by Ninelivesthecat aka Dan Walker of Brooklyn’s resident art punk band TheDeatSet. Brooklynite producer, Xxxchange also provided some of the stellar beats on this project. His catalogue includes high caliber artists such as Björk, Kool Keith and Brit pop singer, Lilly Allen. The production is faultless and enhances everything about Boulevards and his sinfully seductive message.

Overall, the album is an electrifying display of Boulevards comprehensive abilities as an artist/musician. He does push the boundaries but it is never for gratuitous shock value. His legitimate nature appears to be rather flamboyant and generally horny. In spite of all of the bluster and potent innuendo throughout the ACKRYLIC CITY EP, Boulevards does not come off as an overindulgent sexaholic. Everything about his craft is high energy, aspirational, if a little slightly tongue and cheek. This EP will make you want to groove out on the dance floor and then talk somebody into going back to your crib.

* Ayara Pommells is Owner of UK website and a music writer for, & as well as an entertainment writer for Kontrol Magazine. Follow @YahYahNah.