pimp my jewelry box: accessories to add to your autumn attire

October 18, 2013

It’s the Fall (or Autumn as we call it over here in England). My favorite season of the year. Why? As cliché as it sounds, I love the orange-gold crispy leaves that slowly one by one, fall to the ground. Our skimpy, summer wardrobes are traded in for thick woolen sweaters, snappy, big buttoned duffle jackets, funky patterned tights and warm, cozy boots. Autumn represents balance to me. The time for change.
So what better way to celebrate the season of change than with some beautiful, handmade accessories to accompany your brand new Autumn/Winter wardrobes? Here are some of the freshest, afrocentric jewelry makers around. Beautiful, black women with an dedicating their talents to ensuring you step out in the coldest trinkets around.

By Ayara Pommells, AFROPUNK Contributor *

Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart’s intricate wooden pieces inspired by Mother Africa, _ artist Basquiat and more recently, the books and characters of Octavia Butler. Octavia Butler was a African American science fiction author from Cali whose titles include the grim fantasy tale “Kindred”, Vampiric novel “Fledgling” and “Bloodchild” short story series. The results are awe-inspiring. Beautiful, bold colors with sharp streamlined edges. Rachel Stewart’s art is imaginative and has an abstract element for those who appreciate a lil’ wonder and whimsy.

Rachel Stewart recommends her Autumn/Winter must-haves that you should be rocking right now.

“The Natural Necklace and Dwennimmen earring set are a must have for fall, wood compliments all colors and styles from casual to funky. My Super Natural Pin is great to wear on a scarf, coat or even hat, says so much without overpowering your look.”
IG: @RachelStewartJewlry

Peace Images

I came across designer Camille Peace and her jewelry line PeaceImages several years ago and fell in love with her creations. Camille, who hails from the state of California, currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Her reputation has skyrocketed, seeing her acquire regular clientele from all over the globe. What I love the most about PeaceImages is the impeccable attention to detail. Whether it be cool, chunky bangles, or her classic vintage resales… they are always very delicate and precise and you can tell that Camille designer has spent a considerable amount of time crafting every “Peace”.

“I’ve been layering pieces from our Fall/Winter collection, “The Next Movement,” with staples from our inventory, like big, bold ankh rings and stacks upon stacks of Africa and ankh cuffs. They blend perfectly with our eye of Horus hand chains and textured metals from our latest collection.”

Camille Peace keeps her fans in the loop by often posting images of herself making the jewelry whilst simultaneously sharing motivational tracks from her work playlist for you to groove along to via her social networks.
IG: @PeaceImagesJewelry

Urban Ellegance

Meedy Meek is another Atlanta based designer. Indie artists from the ‘A’ are frequently seen rocking her wares. Just ask Boog Brown, Adrift Da Belle or Goldie Gold about her charms. They will testify. Her wooden beaded bracelets are her most popular creation, but I think her feather earrings are the perfect accompaniment to an oversized, off the shoulder wooly sweater for the season.

“When I first had the idea for feather earrings a few years back, I told myself “they would never transition into fall or winter”. I paired them with suede and leather and dreamed about seeing them next to fur. [Laughs]. It wasn’t until I stopped trying to make the dopest “feather earrings” and just concentrated on creating the dopest, freshest, most flyest Urban Ellegance pieces did I start to see my clients ask for this item after Labor Day. The thing I love about Jewelry/Accessories is that they are the “voice of the look”. They are what you make them to be, and they say what you want them to say…Always♥”
IG: @urbanellegancejewels

* Ayara Pommells is Owner of UK website and a music writer for, & as well as an entertainment writer for Kontrol Magazine. Follow @YahYahNah.