“men prefer black women’s natural hair”!?

October 25, 2013

Wilkine Brutus is a Black man who prefers his ladies with natural hair, and he thinks that most men do. Check out his tongue-in-cheek video about this topic and his perspective as an expat in South Korea.

“No outcast: We find natural hair on black women to be sexy, work-place professional, and internationally appealing.

There is a large demographic of Black-American women who assume that black men (throughout the black diaspora) find black natural hair (braids, afros, dreadlocks, curls, etc) unattractive. Black women, throughout the ages, have had to deal with being shunned by American beauty standards.

The conventional wisdom has always said, quite ubiquitously, that straight hair was more civilized and desired. Straight hair is the beauty standard. This has caused a lot of inner pain in the vast, non-homogeneous black communities.

The conventional wisdom has also affected the black male perception of natural hair. But not all of us are fooled by what I see as blatant propaganda. And we also understand black hair politics.

We, black men, share the realm of being an outcast despite some of us succumbing to the pressures of conformity.

With the “natural hair movement” thriving for a permanent place in the black male and female psyche, I thought I’d spend a significant amount of time in the video explaining why a large demographic of black men have always found natural hair on black women to be rather glorious. And we aren’t trapped in some ambiguous supportive role; natural hair with the nonconformist aura that comes with it, is an actual deal-maker.

Many black women want to know, not for the sake of validation, but just out of sheer curiosity: do black men like natural hair?

My Answer:Many of us, including men from other racial backgrounds, find natural hair on black women to be sexy, work-place professional, and internationally appealing. So appealing that old Korean women touch our (my) hair in the crowded subway without our permission. Quite frankly, physical authenticity is a valuable trait.

And since I live in South Korea, I deemed it necessary to juxtapose the female insecurities between most east Asian women and Black women. Here are the five generalized statements below. And then watch the video following the statements, which has over 20,000 total views so far. In the video, I’ve articulated my position a bit further.

1. Black women are more critical of their own natural hair than any other race.

2. East Asian women are more critical of their eyes more than any other race.

3. Black weave and hair relaxer dilemma is equivalent to Asian double eyelid dilemma.

4. Asian women think their eyes are too small.

5. Black women think their hair is too short. “