kalkidan assefa: an afro twist to abstract art

October 15, 2013

A Tribal African man wearing beautiful beads and a handmade cloak with UV Ray sun glasses? Not that the illustration can’t be realistic, this is just a painting by Ontario based artist Kalkidan Assefa – an example of his creative artistry. At first glance you may not be able to pick up on the metaphysical and Afrocentric message that these abstract paintings hold. Then when one begins to evaluate the defining lines, and mystique presence of Kalkidan Assefa’s drawings, you can’t help but be swept into his world. What exactly do you see? That is the question that your conscience continues to ask you, or at least should be.

By Tip Jordan, AFROPUNK Contributor *


Art has the ability to transcend emotions, and higher consciousness all the while being thought provoking. Society has created a veil amongst all of our eyes that gives us the illusion about truth. Yesterday’s world would never think of a Black Mama Earth, a Black Madonna and even a young Black boy with the world in his hands; but through the power of art, it can and does exist! Assefa states that the message he tries to convey in his art is,


“To value all people and living things because they are spiritually interconnected.”


His use of colors and embellishment of cowrie shells creates a whimsical tone in his Archtype V Soular Power painting.


“My work is figurative, sometimes surreal, sometimes symbolic”, Kalkidan states about his masterpieces. The symbolism, commentary and room for interpretation Kalkidan Assefa offers, makes it hard for anyone to fit his artistic style into a box. He is most definitely a force to be reckon with! Be on the look out for more of kalkidan Assefa’s provocative artwork in the near future!

Kalkidan Assefa’s work is available at

Photo above by Kristina Corre


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