jean grae continues the story of the assassin in her latest project ‘gotham down: cycle 1: love in infinity (lo-fi)’

October 15, 2013

Last week, hip-hop artist Jean Grae dropped her newest project Gotham Down: cycle 1: Love in Infinity (Lo-Fi). Without notice, the 36-year-old lyricist’s project hit the web days after she tore down the stage in Atlanta, GA during the A3C festival. According to the New York rapper, her six-track EP follows the Gotham Down series she started ten years ago a little after the release of her Bootleg of the Bootleg EP.

By Niesha Miller, AFROPUNK Contributor

Grae says: “I think all of our past, present and future spaces are intertwined, all folded into each other. If you change your present, it changes your future and your past. If you recognized that you had the ability to knowingly jump around in space-time, you would definitely shift things, either for the best or not. Basically, it’s a kick-ass story about the good and evil within us, our abilities to do superhuman things, and the understanding of our place in the multiverse. And boys.”

Previously released as a bonus track a year ago from an early Gotham Down installment, the eventful track “Kill Screen” makes an appearance on Gotham Down: cycle 1: Love in Infinity (Lo-Fi).
Here’s the video for “Kill Screen,” in case you missed it the last time around.

The project is short and insanely sweet, probably making this one of Grae’s best projects to date. If only it had more tracks.