free download: kelela wants you to cut 4 her in her debut mixtape

October 4, 2013

Kelela’s debut mixtape Cut 4 Me is the futuristic, romantic soundtrack for two – pre-date, of course. Filled with 13 dance-worthy tracks, no matter the song’s tempo the songstress manages to slow it down with her coos and soft yet convincing voice. The project is filled with lots of drums, bass and syntho pop sounds, mixing perfectly with her 90’s singing style reminiscent of early R&B singers before her.

This is the perfect mix for when you’re getting ready to hang out with your friends, or meet up with your significant other. Tracks we loved included the sexy “Floor Show” with its catchy hook “til the end of time.” By the time the song ends you’ll be repeating it over and over until you decide to play it again. Two songs that could have easily become favorites were the amazingly too short “Go All Night” and the title track “Cut 4 Me.”
The Los Angeles-based artist got some production help from Girl Unit, Bok Bok, Kingdom, Jam City and more. Each Cut 4 Me track has its own unique identity yet they all fit so perfectly into this world Kelela created. Every song is sexy, fun and full of energy.

– Words by Niesha Miller, AFROPUNK Contributor