fans of deathcore, rejoice! oceano’s new record is heavy, political, and raw. #soundcheck

October 11, 2013

Given how politically aware metal was at it’s birth (“War Pigs” is still my favorite anti-war anthem), it’s always struck me as odd how rarely metal bands channel their righteous fury towards systematic oppression. But one of the things that’s made Oceano one of the leading lights of the deathcore scene is their incisive lyrics (the album name Incisions is fitting) and their willingness to play with the now all-too-familiar deathcore template.

Anti-corporate messages abound; “Slave of Corporatocracy” is one of the highlights of the record, along with “Self Exploited Whore.” Elsewhere singer Adam Warren trains his death growl on religion with the atheist anthem “Embrace Nothingness” and “Blasphemous Mask.”

The guitars are tuned low, and often pushed to further depths with pitch shifting pedals. You probably wont get the maximum experience from Incisions without some serious subs. But the touches of classic triumphant metal lead riffage that pop up, especially on the epic instrumental “Disseverance,” show a band in touch with metal’s full history, not merely content to regurgitate warmed over post-Disposed Icon. (Appropriately enough, members of Disposed Icon actually appeared on Oceano’s last record. Everything comes full circle.) Elsewhere, hints of industrial hang out on the fringes, threatening to invade the record. It adds a level of sonic diversity tragically missing from many recent deathcore records.

Incisions is out now.

– Words by Nathan Leigh