dopeness! free download: jay eightynine refuses to stay in one lane in his latest ep ‘create’.

October 2, 2013

Producer/emcee Jay Eightynine’s latest EP crEATe has a happy medium of coolness and excitement from the lo-fi beat productions to his quick, smooth rap delivery. Each track sounds as if it was ripped from a different hip-hop era, yet is laced with a range of different genres.
On “DookieBootyQUEEN” Jay, JohnNY U and Hack The Mack come together making a track that is creepily reminiscent of 90’s hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest. The Las Vegas emcee also plays with a synthesized sound on the opening track “showBARS” rhyming over the beat with spoken word play, but later chops and screws the song “QUEEN B.A.D.U.”
What makes this EP worth listening to is its inability to stay in one lane. Classic sounding and lyrically competitive, this project is filled with all the components that critics argue is missing in hip-hop.
– Niesha Miller, AFROPUNK Contributor

crEATe EP by Jay Eightynine