listen to flying lotus, toro y moi and more take over the grand theft auto: v soundtrack!

September 30, 2013

The Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack was just as anticipated as the game itself. There’s nothing like completing missions and aimlessly driving around listening to your favorite artists and discovering new ones. If you had the pleasure of playing any GTA games, you’ve spent a lot of time toggling on radio stations looking for the perfect tune to cruise to. But what makes this game different from others in its series is that each mission is perfectly scored to assist in the games angst and tension.

By Niesha Miller, AFROPUNK Contributor

Even if you’re not a GTA fan, or a game player for that matter, this music compilation series is suitable for music lovers. The ambitious music selection for GTA V was broken down into three volumes: Original Music, The Score and The Soundtrack, which are available now on iTunes. Here are a few standouts to listen for while playing.
Out of 17 of its uniquely crafted radio stations, the FlyLo FM station has become a fan favorite.
Arranged to give the game an authentic feel for the modern L.A. scene, it features some of Los Angeles rapper Flying Lotus’ freshly recorded tracks “The Kill,” “Crosswerved,” “Stonecutters,” “Computer Face Rmx” and more.
Other awesome, new listenings on this station include “Garbage” by Tyler, the Creator, “Evil Grin” by Captain Murphy, “Oh Sheit It’s X” by Thundercat and “It’s Wack” by DJ Rashad.

Besides providing the original track “Old Love/New Love” for GTA’s Radio Mirror Park station, New Wave singer Twin Shadow also acts as DJ.

The playlist also includes “Shooting Holes” from his 2010 album Forget, and Toro y Moi’s “So Many Details” and “Harm in Change” from his 2013 studio album Anything in Return.