art wall fest feature: coby kennedy

August 22, 2013

We’re super stoked to bring Visual artist and social commentator Colby Kennedy to bless our AFROPUNK FESTIVAL Art Wall this weekend, August 24th and 25th at Commodore Barry Park. His pieces tell complex stories about progressive ideals and social constructs, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with. He’s got the entire 100ft wall to adorn in 2 days! This is going to be epic!

Coby Kennedy Bio
My current project, “In The Service Of A Villain”, is a transmedia narrative realized through sculpture, painting, photography and video that examines the often unspoken and unaddressed dynamics of media’s influence on modern social entitlement and the problematics of self image.

Building on the concept of history repeating itself through the ever present faults of human nature
the series explores worldwide issues of class and power as it exists today, has existed in the
past, and as it will exist tomorrow. The work draws on Kennedy’s own experience and observations from a decade of living internationally, working and studying the cross kinetic influence of global 21st century social culture. Whether commenting on the past, critiquing the present, defining the future, or addressing them all at once, Kennedy’s work at its core deals with the constant struggle of the human spirit in the face of the inevitable futility of the human condition.

“In The Service Of A Villain”
A visualization of the post­apocalyptic future history of Brooklyn through portraiture and war photography, highlighting modern issues of Self Hatred, Entitlement, and Genocide.