murs – falling in flames (explicit)

July 17, 2013

Murs has a new animated video out: ‘Falling In Flames’.
He says: “It’s about a rapper who sells his soul to blow up. Yuck!”
From his new album ‘Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl’ .
“Created by Murs & Josh Blaylock;
Published by Devil’s Due Entertainment;
Comic Book Art by Ose Garcia w/ Juan Ureta;
Produced by DJ Foundation;
Produced and Directed by Aaron M. Miner;
Line Producer: Robert Pendleton;
Character Designs: Amelia Davis;
Color Designs: Courtney Hughes;
Story Art: Leo Aquino with Aaron M. Miner & Joel Natanauan;
Lead Layout Artist: Win Yin Tang;
Layout Artists: Arturo Miramontes, Kurt Salinas & Alex Gallegos;
CG Modelers: Win Tin Tang & Chris Horii;
CG Lighters: Jimmy Phan & Chr…