connecting and all that: the connecters live in london

July 29, 2013

They come at you like a head-butt of sound, they are strong and aggressive, but after a while the songs start to blur as your concussion sets in and you’re gasping for the variety in the set: They are the kinda band that do what they do well-but their repertoire is not extensive. 

By: Zinzi Minott, AFROPUNK Contributor, London

The connectors are exactly the kind of band that one would expect them to be if you crossed a diligent drummer and a “never been born for anything else” front man.  On and off the stage this two-piece band inhabit these roles and it makes for some interesting noise. 

With the lead vocals coming at you smoothly with a tone of sensitivity that comes through as he is flinging his locks about there is something endearing about how this dude gives it to you. The drums are slightly less interesting, as they hold down the back of the track and feel like they take the supporting role time and time again without offering any complexity to the tunes that makes you wanna shut down the vocals and hear the drummer do their thing. But there is a harmony that makes it work in a band of just two dudes.

It seems the bands focus on pushing this wall of noise has led to a lack of solidification of their sound. They have chemistry- sure- and they give you some nice sounds-yes but you are left wanting for more in their overall sound and presentation.

You get the feeling that watching them would be a more enjoyable experience if there were more people on stage- its like watching an incomplete line up- you’ll like it, but it’s not finished.  Whilst they have their individual strengths that does not seem to add up to shear head-banging juiciness once you get past the 1st/2nd track and you realise you are in for an upstream swim against the tide of sameness mixed in with the elephant in the room that seems to say “I feel we need more band in this band #just saying”.

Check The Connectors’ HIT “Naked”


Zinzi Minott is a dancer, an artist, and an activist. Working towards the greater politicisation of people through movement and the political value of dance. She is a carver of space both physically and organisationally. She founded “Rainbow Arts,” an LGBTQI Arts collective, co- founded “Akilah LIVE,” a cross arts platform and currently writes for “ElixHER” as their only British correspondent. At present, she is working on “24 Reps :dancing at the intersection” (working title), a durational solo piece looking at the repetition of oppression, its intersections and exhaustion as a consequence. She is currently an artist in residence at ConVERGE- Ponderosa. 

Look out for website  soon!  You can follow her on Twitter @rainbow__arts.