the new golden age of hip-hop is coming. check out “fencing” from donny oh. #soundcheck

June 28, 2013

There’s a movement right now of kids looking back on the Golden Age of hip-hop; mixing in new school techniques with old school beats and DIY sensibilities. Groups like Meatloaf Muzik, Phony Ppl, and now Brooklyn’s own Donny Oh. Set to release his debut EP Stuffed Shells, Donny’s music has a classic feel to it. His dense rhymes and effortless flow anchor the first single “Fencing.” Also, ramen noodles.

The 16 year old Donny Oh’s got the kind of dope wordplay and charisma that built the careers of groups like The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, and Black Star. Definitely keep an eye on Donny. There was a time when my jaded soul would say things like “they don’t make shit like this anymore.” Thankfully, it looks like kids are starting to again. Be excited. The new Golden Age is coming.

– Words by Nathan Leigh