rip michael jackson — we remember the era’s of michael 4 years after his passing

June 25, 2013

Today marks 4 years ┬ásince the passing of the King of Pop, The Master, The King, The Young Gawd, whatever you know him and love him by, Michael Jaclson. We couldn’t pick just one Michael photo. Despite his notoriously changing “styles” throughout the years, we are alos reminded of our favorite Michael’s throughout history. Do YOU remember the time, he did that video with Iman and Eddie Murphy? Here are some of our favorite Michael’s through the years. RIP Mike.

1. Baby Michael

2. Teen Michael

3. Teen SOLO Michael

4. Screaming 90’s Michael

5. Screaming “Sha’mon” Michael

6. Screaming Michael and JANET in ‘Scream’.

7. Remember the time. Yes, we’re calling it was a whole era.

8. Intergalactic Michael Jackson from outer space

What are some of your favorite michael’s from year’s past? Hit us in the comments.