punks gotta eat: girrrl riot strawberry edition

June 19, 2013

We are PUMPED for our event With natural hair maven Taren Guy and Qream liqueur at The Knitting Factory Brooklyn, June 24th! We’ve teamed up with our friends at Qream to bring the delicious cocktails for the fancy evening! So we got to thinking about drinking! And what goes better with a cocktail, then some snappy tunes!? In honor of #GIRRRLRIOT, here are our favorite ladies who remind us of the sweetest summer berry! 

By: Alexandria Gamlin, AFROPUNK 

Esparanza Spalding = FRESH Strawberries

Remember when Esparanza won The Grammy for Best New Artist instead of Justin Beiber and everyone went CRAZY! lol

Esparanza was/is a breath of fresh air to the music scene and for young musicians everywhere. Beiber fans thought she came “out of nowhere” but she was ripening up as an INSTRUCTOR and savant at Stanford University and sweeting up her craft. Her sound is as classic as a fresh summer garden!

Lianne La Havas = Strawberry Daiquiri 

In the hot summer months, nothing is better than an blended iced beverage (spiked or OG). And that’s the same way we feel about Lianne. When you’re feeling down she brings you up, when you’re feeling high, she keeps you on that level. When you’re feeling drunk, ain’t nobody judging you baby, it’s SUMMER time! Whether you’re kicking off your shoes on the beach, or being classy with heels on, Lianne has got your back! AHHHH, how refreshing!

Skin of Skunk Anansie = Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Why be boring when you can do something WAY MORE AWESOME! Skin is a phenomenal singer, performer and a very lovely lady, but why stop there? Why not ALSO ROCK! Yea, she f-ing rocks and that’s wayyy more interesting. See where we’re going with this? Why be just a strawberry when… strawberry but yea, chocolate also. BOOM! PUNK ROCK BERRY! 

Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum = Starwberry Cheesecake

Light Asylum is not for the faint of heart. You better be ready to have your life changed by the powerful melodies, complex harmonies and imaginative electronic “sound play”. It’s the aame with the most decadent dessert known to man. You can’t just EAT cheesecake; you have to prepare to indulge into richness that is also delicious. It IS delicious though, so just DO it and apologize to NO ONE!

Militia. of Judas Priestess = Strawberry Sorbet

A cool classic that’s hard to get sick of! Militia and Judas Priestess sing the forever-classic hits of ‘Judas Priest’ and give them a sexy new life! Even though the songs may be decades old, who doesn’t love a good classic. Sorbet has been around for thousands of years and I want some right now. Frozen. Yummy. AWESOME. Yes, please.

Nina Simone = Strawberry JAM

We’d call Nina a fine wine, but that’s cliche. Nina’s music, legacy, and iconic life will be preserved as long as there are music fans to keep it alive. The same way you pick berries in summer to enjoy them in winter, we will be singing “Mississippi God damn” until we’re licking that jar clean. YUM! (bonus: every Nina song is a JAM! OoO! Ok, I’ll stop there)

More info on Qream