girrl riot: michaela angela davis + event

June 24, 2013

Tonight is our GIRRRL RIOT event with Taren Guy brought to you by AFROPUNK x Qream at Knitting Factory Brooklyn. In the spirit of GIRRRL power and empowerment, we’re giving a #GIRRRLRIOT salute to image activist, former fashion editor and current fashionista Michaela Angela Davis. 

Whatever she’s doing, she’s doing it with intention. She’s working to reform ideals about women of color, how women of color view themselves and she’s encouraging us all to work together for a greater good. As a former style editor of Essence Magazine, Davis talks about walking the lines of being an activist while still holding on to things you believe in, even the seemingly frivolous, such as fashion and beauty. Because, like hair, fashion choices help to shape identity. It is our outlook on our own selves as women to uphold an image to be positive, because the image of women of color has been misshaped and misguided. We have been told we are not beautiful, worthy, or good-enough. Now we have the chance to reclaim these wacky ideals. It’s because of women like Michaela Angela Davis and others who promote self-improvement through their personal activism in navigating society, we salute you! Learn more on this amazing women below!


Join us TONIGHT for GIRRRL RIOT at Knitting Factory BK. An Evening with Taren Guy. Performances by Alice Smith and a SPECIAL GUEST. Cocktail hour brought to you by Qream.