what does “i support the troops” mean to you?

May 27, 2013

What does “I support the troops” mean to you? Is the phrase overused? Earlier this year, filmmaker and activist Michael Moore wrote in a piece in The Huffington Post: “Those Who Say ‘I Support the Troops’ Really Don’t”. Read some f the excerpts below and let us know what you think:
“I am tired of the ruse we are playing on these brave citizens in our armed forces.” (…)
These young men and women sign up to risk their very lives to protect us — and this is what they get in return:
* They get sent off to wars that have NOTHING to do with defending America or saving our lives. They are used as pawns so that the military-industrial complex can make billions of dollars and the rich here can expand their empire. By “supporting the troops,” that means I’m supposed to shut up, don’t ask questions, do nothing to stop the madness, and sit by and watch thousands of them die? (…)
* While the troops we claim to “support” are serving their country, bankers who say they too “support the troops,” foreclose on the actual homes of these soldiers and evict their families while they are overseas! (…)
* Who amongst you big enthusiastic “supporters of the troops” can tell me the approximate number of service women who have been raped while in the military? Answer: 19,000 (mostly) female troops are estimated to be raped or sexually assaulted every year by fellow American troops. (…)
* The number of homeless veterans is staggering — on any given night, at least 60,000 veterans are sleeping on the streets of the country that proudly “supports the troops.” (…)
I don’t “support the troops” or any of those other hollow and hypocritical platitudes uttered by Republicans and frightened Democrats. Here’s what I do support: I support them coming home. I support them being treated well. I support peace, and I beg any young person reading this who’s thinking of joining the armed forces to please reconsider. (…) And because you have a conscience and you know right from wrong, you do not want yourself being used to kill civilians in other countries who never did anything to hurt us.”
Full article here.